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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ARM: dts: Introduce the NXP LS1021A-TSN board
On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 03:05:59PM +0300, Vladimir Oltean wrote:
> Hi Shawn,
> Thanks for the feedback!
> Do you want a v2 now (will you merge it for 5.2) or should I send it
> after the merge window closes?

It's a 5.3 material.


> The "nxp,sja1105t" compatible is not undocumented but belongs to
> drivers/net/dsa/sja1105/ which was recently merged into mainline via
> the netdev tree (hence it's not in your tree yet).
> The situation with "ad7924" is more funny. The compatible is indeed
> undocumented but belongs to drivers/iio/adc/ad7923.c. I don't know why
> it lacks an entry in Documentation/devicetree/bindings/iio/adc/.
> However I mistook the chip and it's not a Analog Devices AD7924 ADC
> with a SPI interface, but a TI ADS7924 ADC with an I2C interface. I
> can remove it from v2 since it does not have a Linux driver as far as
> I can tell.
> -Vladimir

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