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Subject[GIT PULL 0/4] ARM: SoC contents for 5.2 merge window
Hi Linus,

The usual batch of patches for ARM SoCs. Like always, DT is the dominant
portion, but there's an unusual amount of driver updates this release.

Main reason for that is that ixp4xx is seeing a bunch of modernization
work by Linus Walleij, and some of that has included bringing some things
out to proper driver. Acks have been collected, but are merged through
our trees to keep things together.

Besides that it's a quiet-to-average merge window for us.

Some statistics:

82 downstream branches
791 patches
175 contributors

4 upstream-bound branches (platform, DT, drivers, defconfig)

New SoCs:
- Intel Agilex (SoCFPGA)
- NXP i.MX8MM (variant of i.MX8M)

New boards:
- Numerous, see DT pull request for full list
- Most visible one is probably Nvidia's Jetson Nano

Contributors with 10 or more patches this cycle:
54 Maxime Ripard
43 Tony Lindgren
38 Christina Quast
34 Linus Walleij
29 Neil Armstrong
27 Andrey Smirnov
20 Krzysztof Kozlowski
18 Thierry Reding
17 Amit Kucheria
17 Anson Huang
13 Dmitry Osipenko
12 Douglas Anderson
11 Biju Das
11 Manivannan Sadhasivam
11 Ondrej Jirman
10 Fabrizio Castro

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