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Hello dear Friend,My Name is (Farouk Martins Abdel ) From Libya in
North Africa, I have escaped from my country to Togo were i am under
(Alliance missionary home) after my rebel have murdered my parents. My
late father MAJOR GENERAL, (ABDEL FATTAH YOUNES ) He held the rank of
Major General and the post of Minister of Interior, but resigned on
22nd February 2011 to defect the rebels in Libyan civil war. My father
was killed by members of an anti- Gaddafi military on 28th July
2011.When my late father was alive he deposited a large quantity of
Gold ( 125Kg) in security company here. I will like you to help me by
selling them so that you can some money to me to for my traveling
documents and air ticket to come over to your country and meet you.
Kindly Check this link in bracket ( For your own information, i want
you to view this news information about killing of my late Father,
story through BBC WORLD NEWS :
( ) and get his full
story and get back to me via this email
( for vital information.
Farouk Abdel

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