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SubjectRe: [3/3] Coccinelle: pci_free_consistent: Extend when constraints for two SmPL ellipses

Am 15.05.19 um 12:19 schrieb Julia Lawall:
> On Wed, 15 May 2019, Markus Elfring wrote:
>>>>> On the other hand, I do care about causing false negatives.
>>>> Do you find the missing warning after the addition of such an exclusion
>>>> specification interesting?
>>> I already suggested how to improve the code.
>> I find that the idea “e2->fld” needs further clarification.
>> Such a SmPL specification will be resolved also to an expression,
>> won't it?
> Saving in a local variable doesn't impact the need to free the object.

I suggest to reconsider this view.

Would we like to introduce additional case distinctions for the handling
of reassignments to local variables (as shown in Wen's test case)?

> A field is the most obvious case where the object may not need freeing.

A corresponding resource release should probably be performed by
an other function then.

> But there are many expressions that e2->fld will not match.

Data structure members can eventually belong also to a local variable.
Would they become relevant for further SmPL exclusion specifications?


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