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SubjectRe: Linux Testing Microconference at LPC
On Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 02:02:53PM -0700, Tim Bird wrote:
>I'm in the process now of planning Automated Testing Summit 2019,
>which is tentatively planned for Lyon, France on October 31. This is
>the day after Embedded Linux Conference Europe and Open Source Summit
>Europe, in Lyon. I've been working with the
>Linux Foundation event staff to set this up.
>The focus of that event is test standards, including standards for
>test definition, results formats, lab and board management, and APIs
>between elements of the Automated Testing and CI stack.
>I think that the set of things to discuss is somewhat different
>between the Plumbers testing microconference and ATS. But I hope that
>I'm not fragmenting the space too much.
>With regards to the Testing microconference at Plumbers, I would like
>to do a presentation on the current status of test standards and test
>framework interoperability. We recently had some good meetings
>between the LAVA and Fuego people at Linaro Connect
>on this topic.

Hi Tim,

Sorry for the delayed response, this mail got marked as read as a result
of fat fingers :(

I'd want to avoid having an 'overview' talk as part of the MC. We have
quite a few discussion topics this year and in the spirit of LPC I'd
prefer to avoid presentations.

Maybe it's more appropriate for the refereed track?


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