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SubjectLTP: mm: overcommit_memory01, 03...06 failed
ltp-mm-tests failed on Linux mainline kernel  5.1.0,
* overcommit_memory01 overcommit_memory
* overcommit_memory03 overcommit_memory -R 30
* overcommit_memory04 overcommit_memory -R 80
* overcommit_memory05 overcommit_memory -R 100
* overcommit_memory06 overcommit_memory -R 200

mem.c:814: INFO: set overcommit_memory to 0
overcommit_memory.c:185: INFO: malloc 8094844 kB successfully
overcommit_memory.c:204: PASS: alloc passed as expected
overcommit_memory.c:189: INFO: malloc 32379376 kB failed
overcommit_memory.c:210: PASS: alloc failed as expected
overcommit_memory.c:185: INFO: malloc 16360216 kB successfully
overcommit_memory.c:212: FAIL: alloc passed, expected to fail

Failed test log,

LTP version 20190115

Test case link,

First bad commit:
git branch master
git commit e0654264c4806dc436b291294a0fbf9be7571ab6
git describe v5.1-10706-ge0654264c480
git repo

Last good commit:
git branch master
git commit 7e9890a3500d95c01511a4c45b7e7192dfa47ae2
git describe v5.1-10326-g7e9890a3500d
git repo

Best regards
Naresh Kamboju

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