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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 1/2] platform/chrome: wilco_ec: Add Boot on AC support

On 10/5/19 18:09, Nick Crews wrote:
> Thanks for the review Enric!
> I can resend the patch with the fixes, or if you think the fixes are
> simple enough, you could tweak them as you apply them. Let
> me know if you want me to resend a clean version.

No need to resend, I tweaked them.

The patch is queued to the for-next branch for the autobuilders to play with, if
all goes well I'll add the patch for 5.3 when current merge window closes.


>>> +
>>> +static DEVICE_ATTR_WO(boot_on_ac);
>> Is not possible to read the flag? From the API description seems that it is.
> It is not possible to read the flag. The API description is wrong,
> I'll fix remove
> the line about reading from the documentation.
>>> +void wilco_ec_remove_sysfs(struct wilco_ec_device *ec)
>>> +{
>>> + sysfs_create_group(&ec->dev->kobj, &wilco_dev_attr_group);
>> As Guenter pointed: sysfs_remove_group()
> Yes, exactly.

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