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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/mpx: fix recursive munmap() corruption
Laurent Dufour <> writes:
> Le 23/04/2019 à 18:04, Dave Hansen a écrit :
>> On 4/23/19 4:16 AM, Laurent Dufour wrote:
>>> There are 2 assumptions here:
>>> 1. 'start' and 'end' are page aligned (this is guaranteed by __do_munmap().
>>> 2. the VDSO is 1 page (this is guaranteed by the union vdso_data_store on powerpc)
>> Are you sure about #2? The 'vdso64_pages' variable seems rather
>> unnecessary if the VDSO is only 1 page. ;)
> Hum, not so sure now ;)
> I got confused, only the header is one page.
> The test is working as a best effort, and don't cover the case where
> only few pages inside the VDSO are unmmapped (start >
> mm->context.vdso_base). This is not what CRIU is doing and so this was
> enough for CRIU support.
> Michael, do you think there is a need to manage all the possibility
> here, since the only user is CRIU and unmapping the VDSO is not a so
> good idea for other processes ?

Couldn't we implement the semantic that if any part of the VDSO is
unmapped then vdso_base is set to zero? That should be fairly easy, eg:

if (start < vdso_end && end >= mm->context.vdso_base)
mm->context.vdso_base = 0;

We might need to add vdso_end to the mm->context, but that should be OK.

That seems like it would work for CRIU and make sense in general?


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