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SubjectRE: [PATCH] objtool: Don't use -Werror
From: Josh Poimboeuf
> Sent: 05 April 2019 17:21
> > FWIW I had to update from version 0.153 to 0.165 in
> > order for the amd64 orc unwinder code in objtool to not generate
> > corrupt output files.
> > That is an Ubuntu 13.04 system - nothing like 10 years old.
> Ah. It would be great if we had a patch to fail the build for old
> versions of elfutils-libelf as well.

I think the check I added for that specific error got committed.
Look at the defintion of cmd_objtool in scripts/

Although I seem to have a local change to the definition of
It might be that the version of a change I made that got committed
is missing an extra $ when processing the saved output from 'objdump -h'.
It used to just pipe into grep - so lost the error result from objdump.


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