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SubjectRE: [PATCH 1/2] stmmac: introduce flag to dynamically disable TX offload for rockchip devices
From: Robin Murphy <>
Date: Wed, Apr 03, 2019 at 17:12:03

> Yes, I would expect software checksumming to have a much more noticeable
> impact (in fact I've already been trying to get round to benchmarking
> some arm64 checksum optimisations on my RK3328 precisely because of this
> issue).

Can you share the optimizations ? 😊

> If I'm interpreting the register descriptions in the Rockchip TRMs
> correctly, it seems like no-pbl-x8 is a relatively big hammer and there
> should still be room to tune things a bit closer to the maximum limits -
> I'll have another play this evening to see if I've understood things right.

You can play around different PBL values without using the no-pbl-x8 option.

I would start with PBL=0x1 and then going up. If PBL=0x1 does not work then
add the no-pbl-x8 option and start with PBL=0x20 and keep decreasing.

Jose Miguel Abreu

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