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SubjectRe: implement generic dma_map_ops for IOMMUs v3
On 22/04/2019 18:59, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> Hi Robin,
> please take a look at this series, which implements a completely generic
> set of dma_map_ops for IOMMU drivers. This is done by taking the
> existing arm64 code, moving it to drivers/iommu and then massaging it
> so that it can also work for architectures with DMA remapping. This
> should help future ports to support IOMMUs more easily, and also allow
> to remove various custom IOMMU dma_map_ops implementations, like Tom
> was planning to for the AMD one.

Modulo a few nits, I think this looks pretty much good to go, and it
would certainly be good to get as much as reasonable queued soon for the
sake of progress elsewhere.

Catalin, Will, I think the arm64 parts are all OK but please take a look
to confirm.


> A git tree is also available at:
> git:// dma-iommu-ops.3
> Gitweb:
> Changes since v2:
> - address various review comments and include patches from Robin
> Changes since v1:
> - only include other headers in dma-iommu.h if CONFIG_DMA_IOMMU is enabled
> - keep using a scatterlist in iommu_dma_alloc
> - split out mmap/sgtable fixes and move them early in the series
> - updated a few commit logs

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