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SubjectRe: [PATCH v11 0/7] [media] Add analog mode support for Medion MD95700
Hi Hans,

On 29.04.2019 10:17, Hans Verkuil wrote:
> Hi Maciej,
> I reviewed v11 and I had only two comments in two sources. Can you fix that
> and post a v12?

Thanks for looking at this quickly, will do.

> Mike, once v12 is posted, can you try and test it on your hardware?
> The goal is to get this merged for 5.3.
> Maciej, just FYI: I won't merge the last patch. It's OK to post it, that
> way it is archived if anyone is ever interested in this in the future, but
> it's not something that we want to merge. It adds a new public API to enable
> this, and that's not something we'd like to do unless there is a really
> good reason. And adding a debug feature for old hardware isn't enough of a
> reason. Sorry.


I was hoping that maybe something like CONFIG_VIDEO_ADV_DEBUG will do the

I'm afraid that if this is out-of-tree it will quickly bitrot since people
will submit patches to "optimize" the in-kernel code unknowingly breaking
compatibility with this patch.

But I respect your decision here.

> Regards,
> Hans


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