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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2 09/17] sched: Introduce sched_class::pick_task()
> I didn't get around to reading the original discussion here, but how can
> that possibly be?
> I can see !se, in that case curr is still selected.
> I can also see !curr, in that case curr is put.
> But I cannot see !se && !curr, per the above check we know
> cfs_rq->nr_running != 0, so there must be a cfs task to find. This means
> either curr or se must exist.

This fix was suggested as a quick fix for a crash seen in v1. But
I agree with you that this should be a bug if it happens and should
be investigated. I have tried in v2 and can no longer reproduce the
crash. Will remove the check in v3.


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