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SubjectRe: [PATCH] arm64: configurable sparsemem section size
> > I gave *vague* memories of running out of bits in the page flags if we
> > changed this, but that was a while back. If that's no longer the case,
> > then I'm open to changing the value, but I really don't want to expose
> > it as a Kconfig option as proposed in this patch. People won't have a
> > clue what to set and it doesn't help at all with the single-Image effort.
> Ohh, I absolutely agree about the config option part JFTR. 1GB section
> loos quite excessive. I am not really sure a standard arm64 memory
> layout looks though.

I am now looking to use Dan's patches "mm: Sub-section memory hotplug
support" to solve this problem. I think this patch can be ignored.


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