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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/8] selftests: Move test output to diagnostic lines
On 4/24/19 5:12 PM,  wrote:
> This refactors the selftest Makefiles to extract the test running logic
> to be reused between "run_tests" and "emit_tests", while also fixing
> up the test output to be TAP version 13 compliant:
> - added "plan" line
> - fixed result line syntax
> - moved all test output to be "# "-prefixed as TAP "diagnostic" lines
> The prefixing code includes a fallback mode for limited execution
> environments.
> Additionally, the plan lines are fixed for all callers of kselftest.h.
> -Kees


Just about to apply these to a topic branch to do testing and ran into
checkpatch errors:

WARNING: line over 80 characters - a few
WARNING: Misplaced SPDX-License-Identifier tag - use line 1 instead
#141: FILE: tools/testing/selftests/kselftest/

Can fix them and resend - SPDX one is my main concern.

The plan is to apply these to linux-kselftest ksft-tap-refactor topic
first. I don't want to rush these until we do some testing.

-- Shuah

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