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SubjectRe: How to turn off IPv4 without disabling IPv6
Op Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 13:22, Nico Schottelius wrote:
> if I cannot turn off IPv4, I cannot test what needs to be fixed.

You know what? I actually agree with Nico on this.

It's 2019 and the adoption of IPv6 is actually gaining momentum (at last).

This is absolutely the time to seriously start thinking about unbundling
IP-stacks the kernel, so that IPv4 can be truly disabled at compile time.

That will allow for further testing and fixes, just as Nico suggests.

> You can even fully get rid of ARP. Yes, there will
> be the need for some changes / updates, but all of this can only be
> spotted once IPv4 is turned off.

I couldn't agree more.


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