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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/30] Update cros_ec_commands.h

cc'ing some ASOC reviewers.

On 25/4/19 18:00, Gwendal Grignou wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 4:19 AM Enric Balletbo i Serra
> <> wrote:
>> Hi Gwendal, Lee
>> On 25/4/19 10:12, Lee Jones wrote:
>>> On Wed, 24 Apr 2019, Gwendal Grignou wrote:
>>>> The interface between CrosEC embedded controller and the host,
>>>> described by cros_ec_commands.h, as diverged from what the embedded
>>>> controller really support.
>>>> The source of thruth is at
>>>> That include file is converted to remove ACPI and Embedded only code.
>>>> From now on, cros_ec_commands.h will be automatically generated from
>>>> the file above, do not modify directly.
>>>> Fell free to squash the commits below.
>>> This is going to need a bunch of Chromium reviews (and testing
>>> ideally) before I can take this set.
>> I tested this patchset in different ways. With the full series applied I checked
>> that didn't break any cros-ec driver on Kevin, Samus and Veyron devices. I also
>> checked via userspace tool that I don't see any problem sending commands and
>> finally I checked that applying one-by-one the patches didn't break the build on
>> x86 and arm64, there is though, a problem,
>> [PATCH 24/30] mfd: cros_ec: Update I2S API
>> introduces a build problem because removes a struct that is currently used by
>> the cros_ec_codec driver. I think that at the same time we should update that
>> driver with the new struct name.
> Sorry, I did not structure this patchset right. The i2s patch is available at

I think would be better squash both patches, otherwise things like bisection
would be a pain. The patch then touches two subsystems but won't break
compilation, and is pretty simple, so I think should not be a problem go through
i.e. the mfd tree.

> Gwendal.
>> Once this is fixed,
>> Acked-by: Enric Balletbo i Serra <>
>> for the full series.
>> Thanks,
>> Enric

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