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SubjectRe: [EXT] Re: [RFC 00/19] clk: imx: Switch the imx6 and imx7 to clk_hw based API
Quoting Abel Vesa (2019-04-24 00:13:48)
> Can you please be more specific and point out exactly which one isn't ?

Is this a question for me?

> >
> > FYI, I'm dropping this from my review queue under the assumption it will
> > be sent again. Also, it would be nice to not have the wrappers at all in
> > the next series so that everything is clk_hw based instead of clk based.
> > Otherwise, it looks good to me and I'd like to see this work completed.
> > Thanks!
> >
> I'll try to resend this before the end of next week.
> As for the wrappers, they need to stay in until the last user of the clk
> based API is switched to clk_hw based. That means all the remaining imx
> platforms (1 through 5, and then 8). I chosed to do the imx6 and imx7
> first because these are easier to find. Once this is in, I'll move on
> with the imx8 and then the imx1 through imx5 (which are harder to find
> nowadays).

Ok. I'm not thrilled to keep around legacy code because nobody is
testing out new kernels on these devices. If we can, we should try to
delete old drivers that don't get used anymore, but if we can't then
we should be able to modify and compile those drivers and wait for the
bug reports to come in if something is broken.

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