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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/4] Add support for MediaTek MT7615 wireless chipsets
On 2019-04-01 09:16, Ryder Lee wrote:
> This adds support for MediaTek MT7615E 4x4 802.11ac PCIe-based chipsets.
> The series is based on the Lorenzo's patches:
> In the legacy tx arch, we move and store the whole skb content to the
> on-device memory when we send packets via high speed interface. (e.g. PCIe)
> However, MT7615 and the following generation use a new tx arch called
> “cut-through”, which only passes the physical address to the hardware,
> and the packet engine will fetch the packets before transmission.
> It saves on-chip memory for high throughput devices, and the token mechanism
> is used to manage the release of skb under this arch.
> And there might be other (existing or future) chips that use the same driver
> (e.g. mt7622/mt7663...), this is a starting point to unify MTK wireless chipsets.
> Detailed hardware information for this chip could be found on
> Ryder Lee (4):
> mt76: add mac80211 driver for MT7615 PCIe-based chipsets
> mt76: add unlikely() for dma_mapping_error() check
> mt76: use macro for sn and seq_ctrl conversion
> MAINTAINERS : update entry for mt76 wireless driver
Applied, thanks.

- Felix

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