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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] Ceph fixes for 5.1-rc7
On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 02:23:59PM -0400, Jeff Layton wrote:

> I took a quick look at the dcache code to see if we had something like
> that before I did this, but I guess I didn't look closely enough. Those
> routines do look nicer than my hand-rolled version.
> I'll look at spinning up a patch to switch that over in the near future.

Jeff asked to put the name length in there; looking at the existing users,
it does make sense. I propose turning struct name_snapshot into

struct name_snapshot {
struct qstr name;
unsigned char inline_name[DNAME_INLINE_LEN];

void take_dentry_name_snapshot(struct name_snapshot *name, struct dentry *dentry)
name->name = dentry->d_name;
if (unlikely(dname_external(dentry))) {
struct external_name *p = external_name(dentry);
} else {
memcpy(name->inline_name, dentry->d_iname,
dentry->d_name.len + 1);
name-> = name->inline_name;

and callers adjusted, initially simply by turning into Next step: overlayfs call site becoming
take_dentry_name_snapshot(&name, real);
this = lookup_one_len(, connected,;
Next: snotify stuff switched to passing struct qstr * - fsnotify_move()
first, then fsnotify(). That one would
* leave callers passing NULL alone
* have the callers passing pass &
* fsnotify_dirent() pass the entire &dentry->d_name, not just
dentry-> (that's dependent upon parent being held exclusive;
devpts plays fast and loose here, relying upon the lack of any kind of
renames, explicit or implicit, in that fs)
* ditto for remaining call in fsnotify_move() (both parents
are locked in all callers, thankfully)
* ditto for fsnotify_link()
* kernfs callers in kernfs_notify_workfn() would grow strlen().
Next: send_to_group() and ->handle_event() instances switched to passing
struct qstr *.
Next: inotify_handle_event() doesn't need to bother with strlen().
Next: audit_update_watch() and audit_compare_dname_path() switched to
struct qstr *. Callers in __audit_inode_child() pass the entire
&dentry->d_name. strlen() inside audit_compare_dname_path() goes away.


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