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SubjectRe: [PATCH 24/25] drm: kirin: Pass driver data to crtc init and plane init
Hi John.

> > I missed where ade_driver_data came from.
> > This looks an extra patch to intoduce driver_data,
> > that maybe should be merged with an earlier version?
> I'm not sure I'm following you here. Can you clarify a bit more?

So I looked at this a bit more - and got the bigger picture in place

driver_data is assigned using the lookup done at probe() time.
For now this is just assigned to ade_driver_data as this is the
only option.
So an indirection via driver_date or calling ade_driver_data
direct is the same.
And you have several patches where you migrate to use driver_data
rather than calling ade_driver_data direct.
It confused me that the patch introducing the lookup at probe()
came before all call sites were migrated to use driver_data.
But I get it now so it is fine.

Maybe a few words in the commit log like:

This patch refactor to call functions via driver_data,
rather than hardcoding them via ade_driver_data.
This is doen so we later can assing another stucture to
driver_data to support other chips.

PS. I did not complain about your spelling mistakes in the
changelog. I have a similar (or worse) keyboard from a spelling
point of view.


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