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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/25] drm: kirin: Remove HISI_KIRIN_DW_DSI config option
Hi John.

> >
> > Nice simplification. We are now down to two very small Kconfig files.
> > Consider to merge them into one Kconfig file in the top-level dir.
> >
> Part of this cleanup is so that we can add another device option in a
> later commit (though not in this series), so unless folks are
> generally wanting to consolidate Kconfigs into the top level, it may
> be premature to do so now only to later undo it when there are more
> kirin specific options. I'm fine with whichever, I just want to make
> sure that's clear.
I am just passing my reflections forward in a mail as I read the
Unless there is something that resemble a real bug then always do what
you consider best. In this case keep the two Kconfig files.


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