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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 3/3] iio: Add PAT9125 optical tracker sensor
Hi Peter,

On 4/23/19 13:33, Peter Meerwald-Stadler wrote:
> how is this thing different from a mouse device?

I developed this driver to detect the board movement which can't be
detected by accelerometer (very slow motion). I admit this use case can
be handled by an input, and I'm agree with you, PAT9125 driver could be
an input. But this chip is able to track different kind of motion (flat
and rotation), and additionally have an interrupt GPIO, so using it like
input limit the driver potential. This chip is designed to work in
industrial measurement or embedded systems, and the IIO API match with
these environments, so IIO is the best way to exploit the entire
potential of this chip.

As I understand (from ),
mouse driver must report values when the device move. This feature
souldn't be mandatory for an optical tracker driver, specially for cases
where user prefers to use buffer or poll only when he need data.

All other comments will be fixed in V3.



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