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Subject[PATCH] isdn: hisax: Fix misuse of %x in config.c
Pointers should be printed with %p or %px rather than
cast to (u_long) type and printed with %lX.
As the function seems to be for debug purpose.
Change %lX to %px to print the pointer value.

Signed-off-by: Fuqian Huang <>
drivers/isdn/hisax/config.c | 6 +++---
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/isdn/hisax/config.c b/drivers/isdn/hisax/config.c
index b12e6ca..de96511 100644
--- a/drivers/isdn/hisax/config.c
+++ b/drivers/isdn/hisax/config.c
@@ -1294,9 +1294,9 @@ void HiSax_reportcard(int cardnr, int sel)
printk(KERN_DEBUG "HiSax: reportcard No %d\n", cardnr + 1);
printk(KERN_DEBUG "HiSax: Type %s\n", CardType[cs->typ]);
printk(KERN_DEBUG "HiSax: debuglevel %x\n", cs->debug);
- printk(KERN_DEBUG "HiSax: HiSax_reportcard address 0x%lX\n",
- (ulong) & HiSax_reportcard);
- printk(KERN_DEBUG "HiSax: cs 0x%lX\n", (ulong) cs);
+ printk(KERN_DEBUG "HiSax: HiSax_reportcard address 0x%px\n",
+ HiSax_reportcard);
+ printk(KERN_DEBUG "HiSax: cs 0x%px\n", cs);
printk(KERN_DEBUG "HiSax: HW_Flags %lx bc0 flg %lx bc1 flg %lx\n",
cs->HW_Flags, cs->bcs[0].Flag, cs->bcs[1].Flag);
printk(KERN_DEBUG "HiSax: bcs 0 mode %d ch%d\n",
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