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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4.19 13/99] netfilter: nf_conncount: fix argument order to find_next_bit
Andreas Hartmann <> wrote:
> On 22.04.19 at 20:57 Florian Westphal wrote:
> > grep CONNCOUNT ~/your_kernel_conf
> True - it's not in use (it's not even configured) at all. I'm surprised that it seems to fix the problem anyway.

Thats usually the main problem when testing for a bug that doesn't
appear often -- its too easy to get bisections wrong and end up
with false positives.

> If I can't see it any more - I wouldn't know what to do any further at the moment.

You could try enabling some of the debug features, such as

It would e.g. tell if we forget an unlock somewhere.

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