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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ARM: dts: exynos: add CCI-400 PMU nodes support to Exynos542x SoCs

This patch can be dropped, as it needs more work.

In fact, the interrupts seems to be wrong. The interrupts suggested by
Anand Moon gave the same following results.

export CCI_DEV=CCI_400
sudo --preserve-env ./perf stat -a \
-e armv7_cortex_a7/config=0x11,name=a7_cycles/ \
-e armv7_cortex_a15/config=0x11,name=a15_cycles/ \
-e armv7_cortex_a7/config=0x19,name=a7_bus/ \
-e armv7_cortex_a15/config=0x19,name=a15_bus/ \
-e ${CCI_DEV}/config=0xff,name=cci400_cycles/ \
-e ${CCI_DEV}/config=0x0,name=cci400_si_rrq_hs_any/ \
-e ${CCI_DEV}/config=0xc,name=cci400_si_wrq_hs_any/ \
taskset -c 0,7 /home/user/cg.x.A 1


Performance counter stats for 'system wide':

9,362,850,550 a7_cycles
1,682,125,760 a15_cycles
68,920,347 a7_bus
61,484,352 a15_bus
3,789,936,935 cci400_cycles
0 cci400_si_rrq_hs_any
0 cci400_si_wrq_hs_any

9.541340558 seconds time elapsed

cg.x.A comes from NAS benchmark suite, compiled with fopenmp support, setup
to run 2 threads and taskmapped to ran on both a7 and a15 clusters.
a7_bus and a15_bus report main memory accesses.

Only cci400_cycles seems to be correct. However, all pmcs from the master
interface are reported as unsupported and all pmcs from the slave interface
return 0, which is probably not correct.

Would it be possible that someone from Samsung provide the right
interrupts values?
Many thanks.


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