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SubjectRe: [PATCH v20 00/28] Intel SGX1 support
On 4/19/19 9:24 AM, Dr. Greg wrote:
>> Companies ideally shouldn't be getting their customers hooked on
>> out-of-tree ABIs and customers should consume out-of-tree ABIs
>> *expecting* them to break in the future.
> At the risk of being indelicate, it was your company that hooked the
> SGX development community on out-of-tree driver ABI's and software.

I would encourage anyone who has been impacted by this to communicate
that back to the folks at Intel from whom they received the out-of-tree
code about the impact.

> Is there going to be an OEM mandated requirement, enforced by Intel
> licensing, that all SGX capable platforms will implement Flexible
> Launch Control?
Heck if I know. I don't think LKML is a great place to discuss Intel
licensing requirements.

What I *do* know is that when builds a platform without Flexible Launch
Control, Linux does not support SGX on that platform. I guess that
could be spelled out in some documentation explicitly, if it isn't already.

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