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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/2] tty: serial: add DT bindings and serial driver for the SiFive FU540 UART
Atish Patra <> writes:

> On 4/18/19 4:22 PM, Kevin Hilman wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> Paul Walmsley <> writes:
>>> This series adds a serial driver, with console support, for the
>>> UART IP block present on the SiFive FU540 SoC. The programming
>>> model is straightforward, but unique.
>>> Boot-tested on a SiFive FU540 HiFive-U board, using BBL and the
>>> open-source FSBL (with appropriate patches to the DT data).
>>> This fifth version fixes a bug in the set_termios handler,
>>> found by Andreas Schwab <>.
>>> The patches in this series can also be found, with the PRCI patches,
>>> DT patches, and DT prerequisite patch, at:
>> I tried this branch, and it doesn't boot on my unleashed board.
>> Here's the boot log when I pass the DT built from your branch via
>> u-boot:
> Unfortunately, that won't work. The current DT modifications by OpenSBI.
> 1. Change hart status to "masked" from "okay".
> 2. M-mode interrupt masking in PLIC node.
> 3. Add a chosen node for serial access in U-Boot.
> You can ignore 3 for your use case. However, if you pass a dtb built
> from source code, that will have hart0 enabled and M-mode interrupts
> enabled in DT.

Hmm, so what you're saying is there not currently any way to pass a DT
built from source using OpenSBI + mainline u-boot?

As a short-term workaround, is there a way to make these changes from
the u-boot command-line after loading a DTB built from source into
memory? If so, I could at least script that part.

> Not sure if we should do these DT modifications in U-Boot as well.

I guess so (and I'd be happy to test the patch.)

Either that, or the upstream DTs (or code) should have those features to
the right settings.

Speaking of which, I tried to patch the DT from Paul's recent series[1]
to make the necessary changes. I can see where to change cpu0 from
"okay" to "masked", but I'm not so sure how to make the PLIC change.

I was hoping to be able to review/test Paul's DT patches, but now I'm a
bit confused as to how to do that.

> I also noticed that your kernel is booting only 1 hart.
> Just FYI: RISC-V SMP for U-Boot patches are merged in master. So you
> should be able to boot all cpus. You can ingore FU540_ENABLED_HART_MASK
> in OpenSBI build as well.

Ah, nice.

I've just updated to u-boot master branch with SMP enabled, and build a
new openSBI (also from master branch) with u-boot payload. Using your
v5.1-rc4_unleashed branch, I see 4 CPUs booting:




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