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SubjectRe: fs/proc: Crash observed in next_tgid (fs/proc/base.c)
NB: it is preferable to avoid top-posting here.

On 17/04/2019 18:58, Jitendra Sharma wrote:

> Kernel version: 4.14.83

NB2: 4.14.83 is obsolete, as it stands 2255 patches behind the tip of
linux-4.14.y (though only 4 patches in fs/proc).

NB3: 4.14 is 108499(!!) patches behind v5.1-rc5 (latest release). It makes
sense to test on a recent kernel, in case someone has solved the issue along
the way (then the bisecting fun can begin).

> Test case: Not some specific test case. Issue reproduced while doing
> monkey testing for very long hours.

I'm not sure what "monkey testing" entails...

Any relation to the infinite monkey theorem?


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