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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] panic: add an option to replay all the printk message in buffer
On Thu 2019-04-18 09:00:14, Sergey Senozhatsky wrote:
> I think that PANIC_PRINT_ALL_PRINTK_MSG is a debugging option; a quite
> specific one. So people who ask the kernel to PANIC_PRINT_ALL_PRINTK_MSG
> they know what they are doing, and we probably will not cofuse anyone.
> After all, we don't print any headers when we ftrace_dump() or imitate
> sysrq via sysrq_timer_list_show(), or for any other panic_print_sys_info()
> printouts. So it's OK to just do the simple thing for

The following functions are currently called from panic_print_sys_info():

+ show_state():
" task PC stack pid father\n");
+ show_mem():

+ sysrq_timer_list_show()
no global header; but each section can be easily distinguished
because there are several static strings that explains the

+ debug_show_all_locks()
pr_warn("\nShowing all locks held in the system:\n");

+ ftrace_dump():
printk(KERN_TRACE "Dumping ftrace buffer:\n");

The person that enabled the debugging option might know what it did
when it process the log the very same day. It might be less clear
for others reading the log.

Also it still might be convenient to find the beginning easily.
Or it might help to orientate when several test runs
(over night test) are squashed in a single file. I see
such logs pretty often.

That said, I do not resist on it.

Best Regards,

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