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SubjectRe: [PATCH] regulator: core: do not report EPROBE_DEFER as error.
On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 07:05:52PM +0200, Jorge Ramirez wrote:
> On 4/17/19 17:46, Mark Brown wrote:

> > Please leave at least a debug log in place, it's not good to just
> > silently fail - even if we will retry someone might still need some help
> > debugging (eg, figuring out that they need to enable whatever driver is
> > providing the supply in their config) so we should tell them why we're
> > deferring.

> you mean replacing dev_err with dev_dbg on all cases or only on defer
> leaving dev_err on the rest?

Only on defer.

> > BTW does an e-mail address need updating somewhere here?

> dont know, whose email? I got these from (below); or
> are you referring to mine (in which case it is correct, I am back at
> least for a bit longer)

It was yours - you didn't show up in meet the team yet so I wasn't clear
if it was just an old patch where the e-mail address had been copied
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