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Subject[PATCH v2 0/2] staging: speakup: factor out selection code

The v2 renames set_selection() and do_set_selection() to following
more explicit names:

set_selection_user() /* includes copying data from user space */
set_selection_kernel() /* no copying from user space */

The patches also update references to set_selection() to be

Original intro:

Speakup's selection functionality parallels that of
drivers/tty/vt/selection.c. This patch set replaces speakup's
implementation with calls to vt's selection code. This is one of the
remaining items in our TODO file and it's needed for moving speakup out
of staging.

Please note that in speakup selection is set inside interrupt context of
keyboard handler. Set selection code in vt happens in process context
and hence expects ability to sleep. To address this, there were two
options: farm out speakup's set selection into a work_struct thread, or
create atomic version of vt's set_selection. These patches implement
the former option.

Here's a summary:

Patch 1 re-arranges code in vt and exports some functions.
Patch 2 replaces speakup's selection code with calls to vt's functions
exported in patch 1.


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