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SubjectRe: linux-next: build warning after merge of the block tree
Hi Jaegeuk,

On 2019/4/17 10:31, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
> Hi all,
> After merging the block tree, today's linux-next build (x86_64
> allmodconfig) produced this warning:
> fs/f2fs/node.c: In function 'f2fs_remove_inode_page':
> fs/f2fs/node.c:1193:47: warning: format '%zu' expects argument of type 'size_t', but argument 5 has type 'blkcnt_t' {aka 'long long unsigned int'} [-Wformat=]
> "Inconsistent i_blocks, ino:%lu, iblocks:%zu",
> ~~^
> %llu
> inode->i_ino, inode->i_blocks);
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Could you please help to fix that as below in your dev branch directly?

"Inconsistent i_blocks, ino:%lu, iblocks:%llu",
inode->i_ino, (unsigned long long)inode->i_blocks)

It looks that we need to fix below commits as well:

f2fs: fix to avoid panic in dec_valid_block_count()
f2fs: fix to avoid panic in dec_valid_node_count()


> Introduced by commit
> 90ae238d9dac ("f2fs: fix to avoid panic in f2fs_remove_inode_page()")
> from the f2fs tree interacting with commit
> 72deb455b5ec ("block: remove CONFIG_LBDAF")

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