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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/9] klp-convert livepatch build tooling
On 4/10/19 11:50 AM, Joe Lawrence wrote:
> Hi folks,
> This is the third installment of the klp-convert tool for generating and
> processing livepatch symbols for livepatch module builds. For those
> following along at home, archive links to previous versions:
> RFC:
> v2:
> (Note that I don't see v2 archived at lore, but that is a link to the
> most recent subthread that lore did catch.)
> Livepatches may use symbols which are not contained in its own scope,
> and, because of that, may end up compiled with relocations that will
> only be resolved during module load. Yet, when the referenced symbols are
> not exported, solving this relocation requires information on the object
> that holds the symbol (either vmlinux or modules) and its position inside
> the object, as an object may contain multiple symbols with the same name.
> Providing such information must be done accordingly to what is specified
> in Documentation/livepatch/module-elf-format.txt.

Hi Miroslav,

I noticed that some binutils programs like gdb, objdump, etc. don't like
the .ko kernel objects that we're generating from this patchset,
specifically those with the additional '.klp.rela.<obj>..text' livepatch
symbol relocation sections.

For reference, I opened a new bugzilla with more details here:

And was about to ping the binutils mailing list about the assertion that
is tripping in bfd/elf.c. The thought occurred to me that you guys
might already be carrying a patch to workaround this issue?

-- Joe

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