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SubjectRE: [PATCH] net: lan78xx: fix "enabled interrupts" warninig
Hi Jisheng,

> > I want to understand if there is any functionality impact with this warning?
> Because I'm afraid if the current changes are removed we might hit some
> other issues (or older ones). We have to go through rigorous testing before
> going ahead.
> Warning indicates there's something wrong in the code.

Agree that the code is incorrect. Just wanted to understand if you had any functionality impact too.

> IMHO phy_mac_interrupt() and PHY_IGNORE_INTERRUPT is the correct
> solution. If the phy_mac_interrupt() poll is fixed, I think maybe old issue
> which commit cc89c323a30e want to fix won't exist.

I tried to reproduce the problem in PC environment but did not see the warnings.
However, I tried your patch and did plug/unplug tests(rmmod/insmod continuously) and observed call traces from kernel. I don't see these traces without your patch.
Attached log.


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