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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCHSET] sorting out RCU-delayed stuff in ->destroy_inode()
On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 10:49 AM Al Viro <> wrote:
> 83 files changed, 241 insertions(+), 516 deletions(-)

I think this single line is pretty convincing on its own. Ignoring
docs and fs/inode.c, we have

80 files changed, 190 insertions(+), 494 deletions(-)

IOW, just over 300 lines of boiler plate code removed.

The additions are

- Ten more lines of actual code in fs/inode.c (and that's not
actually added complexity, it looks simpler if anything - most of it
is the new "i_callback()" helper function)

- 19 lines of doc updates.

So it absolutely looks fine to me.

I only skimmed through the actual filesystem (and one networking)
patches, but they looked like trivial conversions to a better


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