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SubjectRe: [PATCH] KVM: x86: optimize check for valid PAT value
On 11/04/19 11:06, David Laight wrote:
> It may be possible to generate shorter code that executes just as
> fast by generating a single constant and deriving the others from it.
> - generate 4s - needed first
> - shift right 2 to get 1s (in parallel with the xor)
> - use lea to get 6s (in parallel with an lea to do the add)
> - invert the 1s to get FEs (also in parallel with the add)
> - xor the FEs with the 6s to get F8s (in parallel with the or)
> - and/test for the result

FWIW, here is yet another way to do it:

/* Change 6/7 to 4/5 */
data &= ~((data & 0x0404040404040404ULL) >> 1);
/* Only allow 0/1/4/5 now */
return !(data & 0xFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAULL);

movabs $0x404040404040404, %rcx
andq %rdx, %rcx
shrq %rcx
notq %rcx
movabs $0xFAFAFAFAFAFAFA, %rax
andq %rcx, %rdx
test %rax, %rdx


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