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SubjectRe: [PATCH 06/10] mm: vmscan: demote anon DRAM pages to PMEM node
On 3/27/19 10:48 AM, Zi Yan wrote:
> For 40MB/s vs 750MB/s, they were using sys_migrate_pages(). Sorry
> about the confusion there. As I measure only the migrate_pages() in
> the kernel, the throughput becomes: migrating 4KB page: 0.312GB/s
> vs migrating 512 4KB pages: 0.854GB/s. They are still >2x
> difference.
> Furthermore, if we only consider the migrate_page_copy() in
> mm/migrate.c, which only calls copy_highpage() and
> migrate_page_states(), the throughput becomes: migrating 4KB page:
> 1.385GB/s vs migrating 512 4KB pages: 1.983GB/s. The gap is
> smaller, but migrating 512 4KB pages still achieves 40% more
> throughput.
> Do these numbers make sense to you?

Yes. It would be very interesting to batch the migrations in the
kernel and see how it affects the code. A 50% boost is interesting,
but not if it's only in microbenchmarks and takes 2k lines of code.

50% is *very* interesting if it happens in the real world and we can
do it in 10 lines of code.

So, let's see what the code looks like.

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