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Subject[PATCH v2 00/15] media: vimc: Add support for multiplanar formats

This series implements support for multiplane pixel formats at Vimc.
A lot of changes were required since vimc support for singleplane
was "hardcoded". The code has been adapted in order to support both
formats. When was possible, the functions were written generically,
avoiding functions for just one type of pixel format.

The debayer subdevice is the only one that currently doesn't supports
multiplanar formats. Documentation to each device will be made in a
future patch. In hardcoded topology, the exposed capture device
`RGB/YUV Capture` have a debayer in the pipeline, so it will fail when
tested with multiplanar formats.

The last commit of this series was tested using Hans'[1]
script here are the summary of results:

Grand Total for vivid device /dev/media0: 631, Succeeded: 631, Failed: 0, Warnings: 6
Grand Total for vivid device /dev/media1: 631, Succeeded: 631, Failed: 0, Warnings: 6
Grand Total for vim2m device /dev/media3: 61, Succeeded: 61, Failed: 0, Warnings: 0
Grand Total for vimc device /dev/media3: 478, Succeeded: 478, Failed: 0, Warnings: 0
Final Summary: 1801, Succeeded: 1801, Failed: 0, Warnings: 12

This patch depends on this one:

"[PATCH] media: vimc: propagate pixel format in the stream"



Changes in v2:
- Fix typos
- Fix indentations
- Enhance v4l2_fmt_* documentation
- Change the order of commits, now the multiplanar parameter is the last
one with the commit to set the device capabilities
- Squash "unnecessary checks" commits together
- In v1, the whole media device was in singleplanar or in multiplanar
format. Now, each stream/pipeline can be in a format
- Check the capture capabilities to get if the stream is in
singleplanar/multiplanar mode, instead of checking the module parameter.
- Change `if (multiplanar)` to `if (IS_MULTIPLANAR(vcap))`
- Add a new commit to propagate in the stream if the capture device is
in multiplanar or singleplanar mode

André Almeida (15):
media: Move sp2mp functions to v4l2-common
media: vimc: Remove unnecessary stream checks
media: vimc: cap: Change vimc_cap_device.format type
media: vimc: cap: Dynamically define stream pixelformat
media: vimc: cap: Add handler for singleplanar fmt ioctls
media: vimc: cap: Add handler for multiplanar fmt ioctls
media: vimc: cap: Add multiplanar formats
media: vimc: cap: Add multiplanar default format
media: vimc: cap: Allocate and verify mplanar buffers
media: vimc: Propagate multiplanar state in the stream
media: vimc: Add and use new struct vimc_frame
media: vimc: sen: Add support for multiplanar formats
media: vimc: sca: Add support for multiplanar formats
media: vimc: cap: Add support for multiplanar formats
media: vimc: Create multiplanar parameter

drivers/media/platform/vimc/vimc-capture.c | 351 +++++++++++++++---
drivers/media/platform/vimc/vimc-common.c | 36 ++
drivers/media/platform/vimc/vimc-common.h | 49 ++-
drivers/media/platform/vimc/vimc-debayer.c | 39 +-
drivers/media/platform/vimc/vimc-scaler.c | 128 ++++---
drivers/media/platform/vimc/vimc-sensor.c | 65 ++--
drivers/media/platform/vimc/vimc-streamer.c | 2 +-
drivers/media/platform/vimc/vimc-streamer.h | 3 +
drivers/media/platform/vivid/vivid-vid-cap.c | 6 +-
.../media/platform/vivid/vivid-vid-common.c | 59 ---
.../media/platform/vivid/vivid-vid-common.h | 9 -
drivers/media/platform/vivid/vivid-vid-out.c | 6 +-
drivers/media/v4l2-core/v4l2-common.c | 62 ++++
include/media/v4l2-common.h | 37 ++
14 files changed, 618 insertions(+), 234 deletions(-)


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