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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] ARM: davinci: ohci-da8xx: model the vbus GPIO as a fixed regulator
Hi Bart,

On 26/03/19 9:27 PM, Bartosz Golaszewski wrote:
> From: Bartosz Golaszewski <>
> Adding the vbus GPIO support to the ohci-da8xx driver isn't really the
> optimal solution. Rather: it should be modeled as a fixed regulator
> in which case the driver already has support.

Can you clarify "driver already has support"? You are introducing
support to use the VBUS gpio as regulator as part of 3/3.

I do see other instances of VBUS regulator being used in USB tree. But
we just converted the driver to use VBUS and over-current GPIOs in v5.1.
So this is a bit of "churn".

Can you document why the current solution is not optimal? Is it to make
future device-tree conversion for these boards easier? Or?

> This series adds necessary fixups to the board files and removes the
> vbus GPIO from the ohci driver.


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