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Subject[PATCH v11 00/27] Ingenic JZ47xx TCU pachset v11

This is the v11 of my patchset that adds support to the Timer/Counter
Unit (TCU) present in the JZ47xx SoCs from Ingenic.

Changes from v10:

[03/27]: Fix info about default value of ingenic,pwm-channels-mask

[04/27]: - Change prototype of exported function
ingenic_tcu_pwm_can_use_chn(), use a struct device * as first
- Read clocksource using the regmap instead of bypassing it.
Bypassing the regmap makes sense only for the sched_clock where
the read operation must be as fast as possible.
- Fix incorrect format in pr_crit() macro

[05/27]: Use regmap inside the clocksource read functions. Keep bypassing the
regmap inside the sched_clock read functions.

[12/27]: Add note about abrupt shutdown

[13/27]: - Use pwm_set_chip_data() to hold the clock pointers
- Remove unused variable 'jz' in jz4740_pwm_request()

[14/27]: - Use proper block-comment style.
- Modify commit message to fit the new algorithm used.

[15/27]: Use new version of ingenic_tcu_pwm_can_use_chn()

The other patches have not been modified since v10.

If this patchset passes review, I'd like it to be merged in the MIPS


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