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Dear Beloved One,

I am Mrs Ragnhild Lilly Button, it's true we do not know one another but
My spirit led me to write this email, so please don't be annoyed or

I write you with heavy heart and great joy of sorrow because I am shocked
today when finally I was informed by my doctor that It will take only the
will of God for me to survive due to my Complicated health issues
(CANCER). And for mercy of God to fall on me , I decided to go through the
net to share my problem, look for any possible solution and do whatever
that will make me achieve a happy end if I eventually have to die. I have
visited some orphanage homes around me and done some help to them but my
instinct directed me to touch some lives that has no relationship with me.

Please ,I need people that will encourage me and have a happy end while we
also engage in discussion on how to dispose
some of my material acquisitions to less privilege around you.I hope my
mail get to you in good faith. Do good so that goods will in turn follow
you. Kindly contact me on this below email,

My regards,
Mrs Ragnhild Lilly Button.

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