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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/2] i2c: enable buses to save their clock frequency in adapter
Hi Tudor,

thanks for your patience! Now that the at91 refactoring for the I2C
slave support is merged, we can keep going forward with your patches. As
I told you personally, I am positive in general about this change.

> + u32 bus_freq_hz;

Why not unsigned int?

I also think we should have accessor functions for this new member. They
will be very simple currently because we don't really support changing
the bus frequency at runtime. However, I can see that it could be added
somewhen on top of this change, and then we need to extend the accessor
functions with some locking.

For now, I think this can be solved with simple policy: The value has to
be set before calling i2c_add_adapter(). Also, we should define that '0'
means 'value not set'.

So far about my thoughts. Any more comments from the list are welcome!



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