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SubjectRE: [PATCH 1/2] ARM: imx: drop uneccessary of_platform_default_populate

> > Originally devices are registered in arch_initcall. Now it will be a
> > bit later in arch_initcall_sync and this may cause a bit risk if the
> > code under the default_populate want to access the device service provided
> by early probe.
> >
> > Probably it's more safe to leave as it is unless you can double
> > confirm there're no such code depends on accessing early probed
> > devices as follows before we can make the change.
> This has been boot tested on 6Q-SDB/6UL-EVK/6SL-EVK board.
> For i.MX, I only see pinctrl driver use arch_initcall from the link,
> From my boot test, the pinctrl driver probe will be delayed a bit, but I do not
> see issues.

From what I saw, imx6q_1588_init() and imx6q_axi_init() will use syscon which is
registered with postcore_initcall. Without having syscon devices populated,
I wonder those calls may fall.
Can you double check it?

Dong Aisheng

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