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SubjectRE: [PATCH] dt-bindings: clock: imx8mq: Fix numbering overlaps and gaps
> From: Stephen Boyd []
> Quoting Patrick Wildt (2019-03-12 00:36:54)
> > On Fri, Mar 08, 2019 at 07:29:05AM -0800, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> > > It's mostly about making sure that any existing dtbs don't have
> > > their numbers shifted around. So hopefully any overlapping
> > > identifiers aren't in use yet and then those ids can be changed
> > > while leaving the ones that are in use how they are.
> >
> > In practice I bet no one uses Linux 5.0's i.MX8M device trees since
> > they lack too much support. It's so basic it's not useful. You'd
> > still run your existing non-mainline bindings until it is. Thus I
> > would argue changing the ABI right now would be the only chance there is.
> >
> > If you think that chance is gone, then I guess the reasonable thing is
> > to keep the numbers and only move those (to the end) which overlap.
> > Or put them into that erreneous number gap.
> >
> The chance is quickly slipping away because we're going to be at -rc1 soon. I'm
> not the one to decide what is and isn't being used by people out there, so I'm
> happy to apply this patch now before the next -rc1 comes out as long as it
> doesn't break anything in arm-soc area. The confidence I'm getting isn't high
> though. Has anyone from NXP reviewed this change? Maybe I can get an ack
> from someone else that normally looks after the arm-soc/dts side of things
> here indicating that nothing should go wrong? That would increase my
> confidence levels.

AFAIK no one out there using it for product without being able to update accordingly,
as it still has a very preliminary support.
So I agree we need to fix it at this early time

Tested-and-Acked-by: Dong Aisheng <>

Dong Aisheng
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