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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scripts/spelling.txt: add more typos to spelling.txt and sort
On 2019/3/15 11:07, Finn Thain wrote:
> Does it makes sense to list every typo that is simply a transposition of
> characters or a character omitted? This file will become very large very
> quickly if we do that.

We are consistent in one thing: typo hurt eyes.

Those typos are exactly generated from and still existing in the kernel
tree and they're constantly merged out of our carelessness.

> Such errors can be found algorithmically where the correct spelling is
> known. E.g. the file contains 'algorithm' so 'algrthm' can easily be
> obtained programatically.

Nice hint on transposition programmability which means effect to me.

It looks the mistake line could be removed form scripts/spelling.txt
after we add transposition check to scripts/ ($0.02)

> Suggest you restrict this to common misspellings. That's not a NAK and I'm
> not the relevant maintainer. Just my $0.02.

Thanks for your comment.

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