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SubjectRe: r8169 only works in promisc mode
On 10.03.2019 15:18, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Mar 2019 10:33:40 +0100
> Heiner Kallweit <> wrote:
>> On 09.03.2019 03:16, Alex Xu (Hello71) wrote:
>>> After suspending, my r8169 (not actually 8169, just that driver) only
>>> receives packets when in promiscuous mode. I have tried disabling all
>>> offload features except highdma [fixed], and it doesn't fix the issue.
>>> I am using torvalds/linux, compiled about two days ago (not sure which
>>> commit). I think this happened after a recent upgrade (some time in the
>>> past week). Given the long testing cycle, I don't really want to bisect;
>>> I am hoping someone has some idea of where the issue could be.
>> The provided information isn't enough to say anything. Please create a
>> bug ticket in bugzilla. Needed information:
>> - Last working and first failing kernel version (as reported by uname -a)
>> - Is 5.0 ok?
>> - Full dmesg log
>> - lspci -vv output for the network card
>> - If the issue happens only after resume from suspend, diff of the
>> chip registers (ethtool -d) before and after suspend.
>> - Does removing / reloading the r8169 module fix the issue?
>>> Please CC me on replies.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Alex.
>> Heiner
> Bugzilla is not really used by Linux network developers.
> I just filter/forward mail from bugzilla into netdev.
To make sure I understand you correctly:
Are you just saying "network developers don't actively scan bugzilla"
or do you want to say that bugzilla shouldn't be used in general for
netdev bugs/issues? What would be the right tool then?

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