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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 01/14] dt-bindings: remoteproc: Add TI PRUSS bindings

On 05/02/19 18:19, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> * Murali Karicheri <> [190205 16:13]:
>> On 02/05/2019 10:41 AM, Roger Quadros wrote:
>>> What I'm suggesting here is that kernel remoteproc driver should have nothing to do
>>> with the other PRU's data RAM.
>>> The application driver if needs both PRUs then it can obviously access both DRAMs
>>> as it has a phandle to both PRUs.
>> That should be fine.
> That sounds good to me too.
> For dts, yeah please allocate the resources for the modules
> where the resources belong to on the PRUSS internal interconnect :)
> Devices can move around on the interconnect between SoCs and the
> modules can get swapped or added.

If you take a look at "Figure 30-1. PRU-ICSS Overview" in

You can see that DRAM0 and DRAM1 are not part of PRU. That means
they shouldn't be in the PRU node then.


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