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SubjectRe: [PATCH 04/14] x86 topology: Add CPUID.1F multi-die/package support
On 2/25/19 10:20 PM, Len Brown wrote:
> -/* leaf 0xb sub-leaf types */
> +/* extended topology sub-leaf types */
> #define INVALID_TYPE 0
> #define SMT_TYPE 1
> #define CORE_TYPE 2
> +#define DIE_TYPE 5

Looking in the SDM, Vol. 3A "8.9.1 Hierarchical Mapping of Shared
Resources", there are a _couple_ of new levels: Die, Tile and Module.
But, this patch only covers Dies.

Was there a reason for that?

I wonder if we'll end up with different (better) infrastructure if we do
these all at once instead of hacking them in one at a time.

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