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SubjectRe: [PATCH 7/7] libnvdimm/pfn: Fix 'start_pad' implementation
Dan Williams <> writes:

>> Great! Now let's create another one.
>> # ndctl create-namespace -m fsdax -s 132m
>> libndctl: ndctl_pfn_enable: pfn1.1: failed to enable
>> Error: namespace1.2: failed to enable
>> failed to create namespace: No such device or address
>> (along with a kernel warning spew)
> I assume you're seeing this on the libnvdimm-pending branch?

Yes, but also on linus' master branch. Things have been operating in
this manner for some time.

>> I understand the desire for expediency. At some point, though, we have
>> to address the root of the problem.
> Well, you've defibrillated me back to reality. We've suffered the
> incomplete broken hacks for 2 years, what's another 10 weeks? I'll
> dust off the sub-section patches and take another run at it.

OK, thanks. Let me know if I can help at all.


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